Special extra strong formula for washing vehicles: high pressure prewashing lanes remove the sprayed static film in concentration from 2% to 5%.

It very quickly gets rid of bugs – grease – hydrocarbon.

Thanks to its formulation allows the sliding of the rinsing water.

This is an alkaline detergent for steel and aluminium rims.

It quickly gets rid of brake powder and saline residue due to weather conditions, returning the rims to their original splendour.

Specifically studied for lane type carwash.

A detergent with high emulsifying and wetting action, which allows for a rapid removal of any type of dirt.

Thanks to its neutral Ph, it respects any type of surface. Studied to be utilised with manual brush on high pressure self-service carwash plants.

It can be used in self-service boxes and for hand wash, it has a high visibility during the drive thanks to is rainproof effect, and a high degree of gloss, keeping the water repellence that lasts about two weeks, it prevents that the fast soiling of the vehicle.

Product specifically studied for washing cloth type surfaces (car interior, moquette, etc.) with the help of extraction type machines.

Thanks to the substances present in it, VT 401 washes and sanitizes the treated surfaces, eliminating possible organic residues. The product does not contain phosphates, therefore its utilisation does not cause phenomena of eutrophication of the water.

Specifically formulated for polishing tires and bumpers of all vehicles generally. VT 402 prevents the drying up and cracking of the material in natural or synthetic rubber, giving the treated surfaces their original shine, reviving the colour. VT 402 does not contain alkali, acids and other aggressive substances, therefore its utilization does not require precautions; it gives the treated surfaces a temporary repellence against atmospheric dust, and protection against sun rays and bad weather.

It is formulated with high quality essences.

Nebulized in the air and on the carpet of the car, it gets rid of bad smells and mould.

It has a good antibacterial, deterging and sanitizing effect.

Vt 501 is an acid wash, formulated with anticorrosive inhibitors to remove oxides and limestone from any surface leaving a protective thin layer. Special for glasses and galvanized surfaces.

It is a specifically designed for cleaning of floors, bulkhead, ceiling and machinery in self wash areas. Particularly suitable for glasses.

Acid-based product appositely studied to remove incrustation of concrete on ferrous, painted and ceramic parts.

It is a perfect mix of active penetrating shine.

It brings dirt in suspension so that it can be rinsed away.

It prepares the car for the following wash phases.

External ambient temperature does not create any difficulty in its utilisation.

This is an alkaline detergent for steel and aluminium rims.

It quickly gets rid of brake powder and salty residue due to weather conditions, return the rims to their original splendour. Specifically studied for portal type carwash.

Concentrate detergent foam for washing plants with “snow effect” bow.

It creates a high persistence and adhesiveness foam that allows the brush to slide on the surface, decreasing the friction and it prolongs the duration. It easily removes the residual dirt.

Pre wax treatment with polish effect. It gives gloss back to the paint, even though it was originally dull and oxidized. It has a high polish power on the bodywork.

It actively prepares the wax with balanced foam to easily rinse it.

It helps the polish wax with hydro repellence effect to improve its performances, even in the presence of hard or recycling water. It helps to prevent the formation of moulds.

Polish treatment with very high hydro repellence effect on any type of paint, even if dull or oxidized. It works with any type of water and in the most desperate climate conditions. It does not grease or dirty the brushes.

Combined with “pre-wax brush shampoo” product, it enhances and lengthens over time the polishing effect and amplifies the characteristic silk effect. Designed to operate in wash plant equipped with foam wax bow. Absence of residues in the tubes. It leaves a gloss comparable to the one left by hot wax.

It is a polish suitable for use in specific air or water systems. It gives back the appearance and the brightness of the new to the bodywork, maintaining it from the weather dirt and from the aging due to the solar exposure.