Our company history began with an idea of Giacomo and Giuseppe Straccia, that in 1977 founded the Vaportecnic, an enterprise initially established for manufacturing and selling of pressure washers, very high-pressure washing machines and special plants.
In 1994, it is thanks to a hunch that starts our journey in the car wash world, by installing the first self-service system.
The dream of turning a passion into a business it is exactly what it distinguishes our handicraft company.
Every work is realized with effort, dedication and attention to details, choosing as specific purpose, that of to make satisfied our customers.
AUTUOLAVAGGIO is the name of the exclusive Vaportecnic approach plan, that points out the importance of a highly personalized result within a well-defined process.
Where to open, how to do it, where to turn to equip the chosen area, which techniques to use to build customer loyalty: every problem has its solution valid only for you, in the context where you work. All this is made possible thanks to the cooperation with qualified and responsible in their work personnel.
The ingredient of our outcome is the successful combination of our effort and the possibility to dream with the customer, and it is exactly thanks to this that in few years, Vaportecnic asserts itself in the field.
Boasting a forty years’ experience in the sector of “washing and cleaning”, we stand out every day for:

  • Reliability.
  • Seriousness.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • Capability to provide the customers a support 365 day a year, including through consulting, design and execution services.
  • Always stay up to date on the latest technological developments.
  • Increase every day new strategies and researches to improve our products, trying to always provide the highest quality to the customer.

If you think about investing in a self-service car washing, just imagine a better partner…